Company overview of services


Divisions of the company & Keys to our reverse logistics success

At Milestone we offer a variety of services to help our Commercial and Defense customers these services are designed to cover all of our customers needs by eliminating unnecessary shipping, handling or third-party service provider. In doing so we can operate very efficiently, thereby increasing our customers profitability and satisfaction.The services that we offer are managed by the following Divisions:

                                                                                  Consumer Product  Repair

                                                                                  Asset Recovery

                                                                                  Recycling Services 

                                                                                  Reverse Engineering 

                                                                                  Parts manufacturing

Consumer product repair

Over the years we have come to realize that there of tremendous voids of  product repair capability/interest.  There are in fact repair shops that specialize in one product line, but very few that service a variety of lines regardless of customer needs. In addition many consumer products are currently deemed disposable and not repairable either due to parts shortage or because of low repair price thresholds. Due to such reasons our culture has accepted that many products are simply "throw aways" or "disposable". Such a disposable mentality is bad for our economy and the environment.

At Milestone we are specialists in numerous categories and are always open to adding more based on the needs of our customers. Once a customers service and repair needs are determined we aggressively pursue materials and methods that will allow us to deliver very satisfactory product repair yields.  Based on our many years experience  in a variety of lines we typically possess the technical ability to get the job done.

asset recovery

Are you a customer that has assets in the field that need to be returned to you, either due to customer default or warranty claim issue? If so then let us help you to recover those assets so that they can be returned to you or repaired (by us or you) and used as future warranty replacements or we can help you liquidate those assets.

Our Asset recovery Division takes away all of your headaches. Simply provide us with a list of products and their last known locations and we will take it from there. We have a very extensive group of service providers in many Countries. We will make contact with the customers, ship necessary packaging, arrange for our agents or staff to receive the assets at those locations and have them shipped very quickly and affordably back to you or us using our well-established network of service providers and agents.

Our Asset Recovery services can help you to greatly improve your profitability.

recycling services

Given our many years of repair experience we have come to recognize that not every single item can be replaced, there will always be a percentage of non-repairable items. At Milestone we have well-established relationships with R2 Recycling facilities. You can rest assured that any non-repaired product or material that we receive will be destroyed or re-purposed with two things in mind: The environment, Security & Cost minimization. Certificates of Destruction and Certification are always available.

reverse engineering

Do you have a product that has a high failure rate or customer return rate and you do not know why nor do you have a solution to reduce such a trend? Send us samples and let us analyze where the problems lie. Once we identify a flaw we will make every effort to provide a repair solution for it so that you can recover from such losses and minimize such losses going forward, sometimes it involves a simple packaging modification.

parts manufacturing

Since parts shortages are one of the biggest barriers to repairability we decided  a long time ago to invest in the equipment and staff that are needed to manufacture repair parts in-house in small batches using a variety of methods. Our parts manufacturing capability can make a big difference when it comes to product repair yield rate.